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Kings Heath Primary Academy

Everything we do is based on the highest expectations of the children, staff and the parents - as well as behaviour, commitment and endeavour.


Our school colours are navy and white.

First impressions are very important, and we expect students’ clothing and appearance always to be smart and well-presented both inside and outside the academy.

We are very proud of our uniform and expect all children to wear the uniform each day as it contributes to our sense of school community.

Please see information about our uniform below. 

In accordance with health and safety procedures, the only jewellery which should be worn in school is stud earrings; these must be removed by the child before PE lessons. Watches may be worn but should not have alarms.  Long hair should be tied back at all times. This is especially important for activities such as PE, D&T and Science and it also helps to keep head lice at bay. 

Our students wear their uniform proudly, with shirts tucked in and looking smart. Fashionable uniform trends such as having short ties or brightly dyed hair, are not acceptable.  These, we realise, seem minor to many, but it is worth reminding ourselves that the purpose of uniform is to remove hierarchy, difference and status as much as we can for our students.  Whilst ever students can raise their status over others with minor amendments to uniform (short ties, extensive piercings, dyed hair) then we allow a culture to develop where appearance is an important part of who students are.  The entire reason for having a uniform in a school is to remove that culture.  At KHPA, children do not focus on what another person looks like, they are much more focused on their personality and character.  This is especially important in the world we currently live in where social media constantly reinforces messages to children that their status is heavily tied up in how they look.  At KHPA we are incredibly proud of our positive culture.

Our uniform is:

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 consists of:

  • KHPA logo white Polo Shirt (logo is optional)
  • KHPA logo navy Cardigan or Sweatshirt
  • Black Trousers/Shorts or skirt or Pinafore Summer Dress in Blue Gingham
  • Black Tights/Socks
  • Black shoes


Year 3 and 4 consists of:

  • Plain white shirt
  • KHPA clip on Tie
  • KHPA logo navy Cardigan or Sweatshirt
  • Black Trousers/Shorts or skirt or Pinafore Summer Dress in Blue Gingham
  • Black Tights/Socks
  • Black shoes


Year 5 and 6 consists of:

  • KHPA logo blazer
  • KHPA Tie
  • White buttoned-up collared shirt
  • Black Trousers/Shorts or skirt or Pinafore Summer Dress in Blue Gingham
  • Black Tights/Socks
  • Black shoes


Second hand uniform:

We are proud to support all families with our in-school second hand uniform shop. If you wish to purchase any second hand uniform from school, please contact the pastoral team. 


School Uniform can be purchased from


40 - 42 Abington Square,

Northampton NN1 4AA  


Students at Kings Heath Academy approached Kim Duff, Principal to design a new uniform feature- a hijab. With the full support of the school, the students will be involved at each step of the process. Here are some of their incredible designs.

“I think that our KHPA Hijab will help Muslim girls feel more accepted within our school, and really flourish being amongst other young students just like them. The inclusion of the KHPA Hijab will mean our school being more Diverse and inclusive of different religions.” Year 6 Student

BOOK BAGS can only be ordered through your MCAS account and collected from the School Office once payment has been received.

We also ask the children to have a PE kit:

  • blue tracksuit bottoms 
  • blue t-shirt with the school logo
  • plimsolls or trainers
  • blue or black trainers for outdoor PE

PE kit can be ordered by the below link.  We request that all items of uniform are named and that PE kits are brought to school in a named PE bag.

 Order PE Kit

kings heath pe kit.pdf

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