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Kings Heath Primary Academy

Everything we do is based on the highest expectations of the children, staff and the parents - as well as behaviour, commitment and endeavour.

ECT and Teacher Training

Support for ECT’s (ID 1125)

At KHPA we believe fundamentally that teachers are the foundation of the education system – there are no great schools without great teachers. Teachers deserve high quality support throughout their careers, particularly in those first years of teaching when the learning curve is steepest. KHPA invests heavily in the training and development of it’s ECTs and this commitment reaps its awards in our ECT showing great confidence and expertise early on in their careers.

KHPA recognise that in order to achieve highly with its ECTs, an excellent, research based and thorough programme is needed in order to deliver the ECF. This is why KHPA use the DRET Teaching School Hub for its appropriate body who are one of 87 Teaching School Hubs around the country to contribute to and bring together provision that serves teacher development and leadership development.

Our Aims

  1. To deliver high quality teacher education;
  2. To work in partnership with our schools and external partners to meet local and national recruitment needs;
  3. To promote our shared values through our curriculum and all aspects of our provision;
  4. To be at the forefront of teacher education, anticipating upcoming changes and driving them forward so that they can permeate in to schools as quickly as possible.

Our curriculum intends to enable new teachers to become

Confident, critically reflective practitioners; and proactive, committed and adaptable professionals, who are knowledgeable about their subject(s) and how children develop and learn.


  • Act with integrity and put children’s needs first, including their safety, wellbeing and mental health;
  • Make a positive impact on their schools and wider communities;
  • Engage critically with subject and phase-specific research to develop evidence-informed inclusive pedagogy;
  • Prioritise their own wellbeing and mental health;
  • Take a genuine interest in the development of children.

And commit to realising our shared values through…

  • challenging inequality and promoting social justice;
  • promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility;
  • using the power of education to bring about social change and achievement for all, through ongoing professional development and dialogue

Supporting high quality teaching is pivotal in improving children’s outcomes. Indeed, research tells us that high quality teaching can narrow the disadvantage gap. It is therefore hugely encouraging to see a host of new initiatives and reforms that recognise the importance of teacher quality such as the Early Career Framework and the new National Professional Qualifications. These exemplify a growing consensus that promoting effective professional development (PD) plays a crucial role in improving classroom practice and pupil outcomes, and this guidance further reflects this, offering recommendations on how to improve professional development and design and select more impactful PD.

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DRET Teaching Hub

DRET Teaching School Hub are partnered with education charity Ambition Institute to deliver their induction programme, Early Career Teachers. This Department for Education-funded programme is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of early career teachers.

DRET Teaching School Hub is delighted to serve as one of 87 Teaching School Hubs around the country to contribute to and bring together provision that serves teacher development and leadership development.  They want to make it easier for schools to invest in brilliant teachers and leaders, to further support their professional development and retain teachers within the profession.

 As a Teaching School Hub, they are committed to working for and with everyone in the region. Their duty is to serve all primary schools, secondary schools, specialist schools or provision, and Alternative Provision, and they do this by playing their role in the delivery of the ‘golden thread’ of professional development, acting as a delivery arm for:

  • Early Career Framework (ECF)
  • National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)
  • Appropriate Body (AB) services for Early Career Teachers

In terms of a wider CPD offer, the Teaching School Hub will act as a ‘one-stop-shop’ by signposting to:

  • DfE accredited and approved programmes, working in partnership with designated curriculum hubs and KYRA Research School;
  • Existing high quality CPD provision which is complementary to that of the Teaching School Hub

They believe that effective, high quality professional development leads to continual improvement in teacher retention and positive outcomes for all pupils.

Ambition Institute

Ambition Institute is a national education charity. They run training programmes for teachers, school leaders and system leaders who serve children from disadvantaged backgrounds which completely aligns with our school and Trust mission. The programme supports schools to deliver the Early Career Framework (ECF), helping early career teachers develop their teaching practice during the first two years of their career.

Key features of the programme include:

  • Regular, bite-sized learning: Evidence from the science of learning suggests that we can only focus on a few things at once and that we tend to forget a lot of what we learn, especially when it is organised into one big block (Sweller, 2016). There is more chance of making progress when our learning is spread out and part of a regular, frequent routine.
  • Examples of classroom practice: Understanding the theory is important but it’s also critical that teachers and mentors get to see what this looks like in practice (Rosenshine, 2012; Sweller, van Merrienboer & Paas, 1998). Our materials include videos of aspects of the ECF demonstrated by teachers in a variety of classroom settings.
  • Practice makes permanent: If we are to change the outcomes and life chances of our pupils, we must change how teachers teach. Sustained changes in teaching generally occur only if we keep practising those changes (Deans for Impact, 2016). This programme puts deliberate practice at the heart of teacher learning.
  • Familiar routines: The life of a new teacher is full on. To ensure this programme doesn’t add unnecessary complexity, we have designed it around a set of simple, repeating professional development patterns. This means everyone can spend less time thinking about the process and more time thinking about great teaching.

The Early Career Teachers programme is a blended learning experience. It provides teachers and their mentors with high quality, evidence-informed training and materials, alongside scaffolding to ensure effective mentoring.

The programme consists of:

  • All the ‘learn that’ and ‘learn how to’ content of the Early Career Framework, including behaviour, instruction, curriculum, assessment and self-regulation.
  • What effective teaching looks like, through specific examples and explanations of how and why this practice works. This will help early career teachers develop expertise in teaching
  • How to keep getting better, so they can continue to improve and thrive during their career.
  • A carefully designed combination of face-to-face training, virtual peer-learning groups, expert-led webinars and weekly video tutorials. These all sit alongside support for effective mentoring.
  • All content is designed and delivered by experts in teacher education, drawing upon the best available evidence in how teachers learn.
  • Programme components have been designed intentionally to fit with the demands of schools and the busy lives of teachers. This keeps travel and cover requirements to a minimum, and provides online learning that can be undertaken at any time, in any place, on any device.

Precise programme content will evolve as the evidence base develops. The ECT Programme is a fully funded, two-year induction programme for ECTs joining the profession. The programme includes:

  • 3 full-day conferences (focused on deepening their understanding of how pupils learn, the principles of responsive teaching, and effective implementation). This will be delivered either in person or online.
  • 6 one-hour virtual clinics to support early career teachers with strategies for classroom practice, based on their study materials and key areas from Early Career Framework.
  • Weekly modules of online learning. Self-study modules help early career teachers engage with the latest research and ideas for practical classroom implementation in a manageable and accessible way.
  • Weekly instructional coaching sessions designed to support early career teachers to apply insights from the study materials into their classroom practice. Mentors will provide teachers with a specific, bite-sized action step to practice each week that responds to their own classroom context and practice.

Each week, ECTs will undertake their study via Steplab, which should take 30-50 minutes. They should also take the time to review their action step and consider how they might use feedback provided by their mentor in the classroom. Steplab is Ambition Institute’s online professional learning and coaching platform, designed specifically to help improve teaching in schools by drawing on the best available evidence about how teachers learn. Steplab gives early career teachers access to all the resources they need to improve their practice. They will be given access to all online learning resources including the weekly self-study modules they need to complete as part of the programme. They will also receive personalised action steps via Steplab, set by their mentor which form the focus of weekly instructional coaching, helping them develop expertise, build effective teaching habits and to keep getting better. This is an example of the strands covered in the first term ECTs.

Each week, Mentors will carry out a 10-15 minute lesson drop in, plan a coaching session around this drop-in and form an action step on Steplab.

The ECT and Mentor should then meet for an instructional coaching session, where the Mentor will provide granular feedback and details of the action step set for the ECT. This session may include deliberate practice, where the ECT will rehearse how to implement specific strategies within their classroom practice, supported by their Mentor.

The Induction Coordinator will view the ECT's progress and Mentor's feedback and action steps set via StepLab. This gives them a strategic overview of how the ECT is getting on with their self-study when coaching has taken place, any action steps ongoing and where the Mentor has provided praise where appropriate. The Induction Coordinators will complete an ECT report three times over the academic year via ECT Manager to confirm that ECTs are meeting the teaching standards.

What's it like being a mentor on the Early Career Framework? | Ambition Institute

Teach First

Kings Heath Primary Academy work in collaboration with Teach First. Teach First is a social enterprise registered as a charity which aims to address educational disadvantage in England. Teach First coordinates an employment-based teaching training programme whereby participants achieve Qualified Teacher Status through the participation in a two-year training programme that involves the completion of a PGDE along with wider leadership skills training and an optional master's degree.

KHPA offers placements for Teach First students, including employment and also help to deliver part of the School Centred Learning experience. School Centred Learning (SCL) is an invaluable aspect of the Teach First Training Programme. The term ‘SCL’ refers to the days trainees spend in a school which is not the school that will employ them for the two years of the Programme. The SCL programme represents their commitment to a school-led approach to Initial Teacher Training as recommended by Ofsted.

Our ECTs


ECTs (ID 1123)

 At Kings Heath Primary Academy we are honoured to be able to offer places for Early to Career Teachers. We are proud to share their personal achievements so far!

Daniel Brace

May 2022: Matched to KHPA through the Teach First Programme.

June 2022: Began the KHPA induction process

July 2022: Joined KHPA for 'Move Up Stay Up'

September 2022: Began at KHPA full time

June 2023: Successfully secured Qualified Teacher Status

July 2023: Successfully secured joint Geography Subject Leader

September 2023: Joined DRET Geography Team

Beth Foley

June 2021: Matched to KHPA through the Teach First Programme.

June 2021: Began the KHPA induction process

July 2021: Joined KHPA for 'Move Up Stay Up'

September 2021: Began at KHPA full time

June 2022: Successfully secured Qualified Teacher Status

July 2022: Successfully secured joint Art and Music Subject Leader

December 2023: Successfully secured Personal Development Lead

 Ben Harris

January 2022: Completed placement at KHPA for School's Direct Program

May 2022: Successfully interviewed for KHPA full time

June 2022: Began the KHPA induction process

June 2022: Successfully secured Qualified Teacher Status

July 2022: Joined KHPA for 'Move Up Stay Up'

September 2022: Joined KHPA full time

September 2022: Successfully secured Computing Subject Leader



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