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Kings Heath Primary Academy

Everything we do is based on the highest expectations of the children, staff and the parents - as well as behaviour, commitment and endeavour.


The school is divided into three main phases, each phase playing an important part in the learning journey from 2 to 11 years.

The school works to ensure that the transition between each phase means an uninterrupted education for a child and, as a result, maintains his/her progress.

At Kings Heath Primary Academy, we have the highest expectations for all of our children to achieve exceptional outcomes.  Underpinned by a culture of positive relationships and our school values of Courage, AspireAmbition and Respect, together our staff and children strive to exceed the limitations of potential.

All staff at Kings Heath Primary Academy recognise that learning time in schools is finite and as a result they must find ways to ensure that all learning is highly effective and efficient.  Our inspiring teachers communicate their passion for subjects through their teaching of a coherent and cumulatively structured knowledge-rich curriculum, which meets the needs of individual learners’ talents and builds the foundation for their future.  Within lessons, teachers aim to deliver lessons which are explicitly taught and modelled; retrieve and build upon prior learning; are structured, scaffolded and carefully adapted to maximise the learning opportunities; resources are utilised effectively and provide timely feedback to ensure the that every child achieves their very best in every lesson.

Our school environment reflects the high expectations we have through for our children through the visible learning evidenced on working walls, which demonstrate how knowledge builds over time; the vocabulary rich classrooms and our displays and shared spaces. Furthermore, all classes are equipped with the latest technology, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum.

For a full list of teaching and support staff at the school, please refer to the Staff List.

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, there will be no more than 30 children in each class; this is in line with Government guidelines. In Key Stage 2 class sizes are typically less than 30, although there is no Government ceiling on class numbers. Children are grouped in mixed ability classes under the responsibility of a class teacher who will teach the children for most, if not all, of their lessons.

Staff List 2021 2022

Kings Heath Primary Academy Week



In nursery we begin the session by putting our own things away from home independently and joining our learning circle for register and to discuss our learning for the day.  Its then time to wake up our learning brains and develop our gross motor skills through playground games, rhymes and parachute fun learning how to take turns and be part of our nursery team.

Its then time for a teaching input for all the children, this could be linked to any area of the Early Years Curriculum but regularly involves a big write, telling and acting stories, Early Phonic games, maths concepts which engage all of the children and building concepts, knowledge and skills.  


The children then choose their own learning in our continuous provision inside and outside which challenge and offer open ended challenges.   The staff are experts at interacting with the children to develop their ideas and learning from their own interests and motivations and record what they see in observations within the Early Years Curriculum.


All the children are encouraged to look after the resources and environment and help tidy up before we share snack and discuss and share our learning so far.  Its then time for a second teaching input followed by the opportunity to share new learning experiences before setting off again to explore and learn.


We end the session with a shared story and preparations to share our excitement for learning with our grown ups including our reading book bags and home learning challenges! 







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