The Daily Mile

We are so excited to announce that Kings Heath Primary Academy are joining ‘The Daily Mile’ initiative. This means that for 15 minutes every day, children from Y1-Y6 will be walking, jogging or running around the playground, trying to improve their personal performance each day.

The Daily mile has been adopted by over 1000 schools in the UK and has proved popular with children, teachers and parents. It is not PE, sport or cross country but is a physical activity aimed at improving children’s physical, social, emotional health and well-being. It can also help children to focus in the classroom and maintain concentration, therefore improving their potential to learn. 

KHPA will be beginning our daily mile challenge today and will be continuing with it every day this term! Every child will be encouraged to walk / run at their own pace but to try to better themselves on each try. 

If you would like to find out more information and see the benefits of the Daily Mile, please have a look at the website We will keep you posted on our progress through the newsletter and twitter posts and would love to know what you think. Wish us luck! We will also be tweeting so watch out for some amazing photos!