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We have a lot of exciting activites and events planned for this academic year. We have got an overview below, so that you can make a note in your diaries.... 




 Overview 2019-2020


Term 1

04/09 - 18/10

Term 2

04/11 - 20/12

Term 3


Term 4

24/02 - 03/04

Term 5

20/04 - 22/05

Term 6

08/06 - 03/07


06/07 - 31/07

Whole School Events

3rd October National Poetry Day 

16th & 17th October Teacher Learning Conference  

Winter Showcase

11th – 15th Nov Anti Bullying Week 


12th Nov individual school photos


Happy Heath 

Summer Showcase 

W/C 22nd June Health and Happiness 

Sports Day

26th June Summer Fair 

30th July International Day of Friendship 

W/S WOW Days

24th September Geographer Day

21st November Apprentice Day

11th Feb Safer Internet Day 

5th Mar World Book Day

9th – 13th Mar STEAM Week


22nd May Great Britain Day 

15th June Historian Day