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Learning With Us

Kings Heath Primary Academy is a place of learning and excellence where children come first and where everyone is cared for and valued.

We expect and enable everyone to achieve their best and track progress and attainment rigorously in order to set targets for improvement. We aim to unlock the potential in everyone.

Kings Heath Primary Academy produces resilient, confident, healthy young people with the ability to imagine how the world could be different and desire to make positive change happen. We value diversity and originality and encourage our pupils to discover and pursue particular interests and talents.

Our curriculum is based around the principles of creative thinking: developing the ability to question, make connections, innovate, problem solve and reflect critically. Learning is designed to excite learners’ imaginations, extend horizons and meet intellectual needs. We support the need for high standards in literacy, numeracy and technology that enable pupils to have a secure foundation for future learning. We encourage pupils to explore links between subjects and wider aspects of learning.

Progress is assessed in many different ways including statutory tasks and tests. Teachers measure children’s progress day to day through marking, assessing practical work, listening to their explanations and comments and by asking and answering questions. Working alongside pupils in lessons, identifying misunderstandings and addressing errors is all part of the process. Teachers give children verbal and written feedback, as well as share with them their achievements against lesson objectives. We encourage the pupil to be part of the learning process and help them to understand their own strengths and areas for development through self-assessment.