Kings Heath
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Year 6

Miss M Jackson and Mr S Ali

In T4W we have just completed a unit of non-fiction writing based upon ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’.   We have written non-chronological reports in the style of field guides to enable us to show off our knowledge of some of the creatures that reside in the realm of Spiderwick. 

Our next unit will be about writing formal letters of complaint.  We will be considering the type of language necessary  as well as a range of scenarios which could prompt us to write such a letter.  We will be using the animation ‘Flat Life’ to write letters of complaint to the different residents living in adjacent flats.


We are continuing our push on vocabulary and attempting to build our own personal repertoires of exciting words.  The children are given a new word each day and challenged to find out its meaning and then to utilise it in a piece of writing.  So far words have included: wizened, elongated, putrid, pungent, penchant and copious. 


In Maths, the focus will be on place value, number facts and the four operations.  Children will be practicing different question types, hopefully making them familiar with the style of questions in the tests.