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Year 3

Miss Drouet and Miss Durbin

Year 3 – Spring 2

Year 3 were all about discussions in Term 3 as they learnt how to develop a balanced argument with the use of Scardey Squirrel. We spent time learning about how to look at both sides of an argument, which led to learning some exciting linking words and phrases like – “having considered all the arguments”, “on the other hand”, “consequently”. We also developed our verbal arguing skills, which helped our understanding of taking turns and teamwork.

During our afternoons, we explored life! We loved learning about how animals develop and life cycles of creatures like alligators. Our new classroom visitors helped us with that as we watched our caterpillars grow and change.

Effective Maths focused on multiplication and division this term. We recapped expanded multiplication and learnt how to divide much larger numbers. At the end of the term we used these skills in a week-long problem solving – where we had to find a criminal using our expert mathematical skills.

Spy Week this term was an amazing success and the most memorable week of all for Year 3. We became scientists and secret agents, developing our problem solving skills. What an amazing term it’s been!