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Year 2

Mrs Oelrich and Mrs Ritchings


Year 2 – Spring 2

Spring 2 was a busy term in Year 2.  We continued to work hard to prepare the children for their end of year SATs and ensured children were challenged to achieve their very best. We had a great start to the term with a visit from Meerkats, Snakes and Lizards and their handler Kayleigh.  We got to really look at them and find out lots about the different animals to support our non chronological writing.   We explored facts about Meerkats and this lead into writing new reports based on an imaginary animal after finding out about the features we needed to include.  We had the chance to let our imaginations go wild and came up with some interesting creatures!

In maths we explored our addition and subtraction skills, developing these through problem solving.  We had a focus on arithmetic skills and now start lesson with an arithmetic challenge – our brains are always busy!  We also looked at our times tables and have really improved out weekly scores – great work Year 2!

Out topic work was all about ‘I’m Alive!’ – exploring features of different animals; how they move, breath, reproduce and feed.  The children got to use their IT skills to find out new information and record in different ways.  

Half way through the term we welcomed Miss Bamrah from the university, who is joining us for 8 weeks as part of our Year 2 team. 

 STEM week was an exciting addition to our term, becoming ‘spies’, solving codes using mathematical skills, build a bridge like an architect  and creating a spy bike to help capture jewel thieves!  Both 2 Dahl and 2 Donaldson had a ‘spy-tastic week!

The term ended with a great day out at the farm – by this time we were becoming animal experts and asked some great questions.  A fabulous day was had by all!